ISO 9001 standards 25 Years


We help our clients make the best solutions through

  • Traceability
    Monitoring prescriptions throughout the distribution channel, so as to measure the efficiency of the sales force and loyalty prescribers and outlets.
  • Consolidation of audit recipes
    Historically it has been cumbersome comprehensively visualize the prescriptive potential of professionals according to different sources of measurement. We provide this information at a glance.
  • Loyalty Programs
    With health care costs rising and the substitution of branded products for generic ones, discount programs imposed to patient loyalty to your brand, improving armor recipe, demand and adhesion. We have extensive experience in implementing and administering these programs, covering the entire channel.
  • Medical File
    With our medical file software, managers and supervisors can access from a web application from their computer. Medical visitors can use the web application or use our integrated mobile application, if they have a Tablet or a Smartphone.
    The utilities range from organizing the schedule of visits to generating reports with unlimited flexibility, through the full entry of the visit, all in a highly intuitive context.
  • Compliance analysis
    We help distinguish occasional sales of repurchase.
  • Applications for events
    We develop applications to attract the attention of professionals to the stands and to make more bearable the scientific talks, allowing interaction with touchscreen TVs and from mobile themselves and tablets. Content can be as diverse as each laboratory propose, from utilities for diagnostics to games with medical information, through pollings; capturing all the data of the participants.

We develop our own software, so as to give the customer maximum flexibility in access to information.