Our age is characterized by the glut of information, so that companies have large amounts of data, with the benefits it brings, but also with the difficulty to manipulate them and interpret them. Then tools able to consolidate the data from the most varied sources and present information quickly readable by the user become necessary.

But what is the appropriate level of aggregation of the reports? The answer depends on each user in the database, while the higher levels require more information grouped, as one moves down the hierarchy will want to see a new level of detail.

In addition, the information should be presented in different ways, both in numerical tables and graphics, and to export to presentation formats as spreadsheets for further manipulation. And of course, in our era, the information should also be available from mobile devices.

It is desirable also that the data management systems has control dashboards (customized by the user) to give a quick snapshot of the key indicators.

Last but not least, is the concept of "usability": access to information must be made through an interface friendly and intuitive with the user.

We develop applications that provide all these issues constituting solutions tailored to each client.

Over 16 years we have specialized in developing solutions for the actors of pharmaceutical marketing. We understand the details of your business, allowing us to offer and provide solutions for various needs.