ISO 9001 standards 25 Years

Contact center and SMS

The traditional call centers, used to promote banking, phone plans, etc., are not prepared to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

We know for many years the dynamics of the marketing of ethical drugs, so our contact center is ready to satisfy the requirements of patients in access, delivery, implementation, advice, containment, communication, management of adverse effects, and monitoring in general to evaluate and improve compliance and generate loyalty.

We have adequately trained staff, we take the time to every call, we developed our own software, and use technology that ensures the quality of care and high level of detail and customization of information reported to the laboratory.

In addition, we offer recurring mass mailing text messages (SMS), based on rules, via our own platform.

Messages can have different contents, according to laboratory requirements, for example:

  • Repurchase reminders
  • Tips related to pathologies
  • News and publicity