Our development team has been honored numerous times in Windows World Open, USA, application development competition at the highest international level.

In the sixth edition, held in Atlanta, we were finalists in the category 'Process Control Systems', while in the seventh edition, held in Chicago, we obtained the first prize in the category 'Communications'..

Fue la primera ocasión en que una empresa argentina resultó vencedora en este concurso, que fue considerado el más importante del mundo para desarrollos en la plataforma Windows y cuyos premios son entregados personalmente por Bill Gates.

Additionally, in the eighth edition in Chicago, we were selected as one of three finalists in the "Energy / Utilities" category.

They were regular participants of this competition companies and organizations such as BankBoston, Merrill Lynch, First National Bank of Chicago, U.S. Navy, Chevron, Andersen Consulting, BASF, Intel, Continental Airlines, etc.